Customer Experience, For the CMO

How Your C-Level Executives Can Focus on the Customer Experience

Every person in your organization needs to focus on CX. Here’s what that means for the C-suite.

Source: monkeybusinessimages / iStock / Getty

Focusing on the customer experience (CX) has different implications across the business. Your marketing and sales teams are pivoting to customer-centric experiences, while your customer service team is weaving its delivery more tightly with your customer success vision. What does this focus on CX mean for executives? When you’re setting the vision and you’re at the helm of your team’s performance, this focus can cover very specific ideas and areas. Here’s how executives can dial in on a stronger CX focus.

The customer, not the market, dictates the vision: Executives set the trajectory—and the strategic course to get there. When you become a CX business, that means it’s important to look inside the business, specifically at your customers, for more insights. Outside market data are important contexts. But taking a customer-centric stance on the way you shape your experiences can have a major impact on every level of your CX.

Invest in understanding CX expectations: Businesses operate in a data-driven context. For executives, that means it’s absolutely vital to put budget and staff time behind understanding your customers—market research, fan communities, analyzing the data you have on hand, and gathering insights from your frontline workers. As a leader, you need to be taking stock of what data you have available to you and use them to create your CX. When the C-suite makes data a priority, that trickles throughout the entire organization.

Support your team: You’re asking a lot of your team members. Are you supporting them to meet your goals around CX? For example, delivering a great CX might demand more staff, more training, or a different set of incentives. When leadership provides all the necessary resources to its team, it’s easier to bring a winning CX to all levels of the organization.

Build CX metrics into goals: At the individual, team, and organizational levels, build goals around the CX. These can be a critical reflection of your performance as much as market share or revenue. Help turn your vision into an actionable road map, and make sure each person understands how he or she is accountable. When the C-suite brings its focus to this level of detail, it’s possible to turn larger strategies into actionable steps.

The CX is increasing in importance. The C-suite can help its organization make significant progress by making CX a top priority in the year ahead.