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How to Prep Your Marketing Strategy for the Holidays

It may be August, but the holidays are right around the corner.

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The temperatures are still sky high, local swimming pools are filled with happy families, and people are still devouring s’mores and watermelon. But believe it or not, the holiday season is quickly approaching. How are you preparing your marketing strategy for Q4?

If you haven’t started planning your holiday marketing strategy, the time is now.

Plan for Large Shopping Holidays

There are a few days in the fall and winter that traditionally have sales, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But you could also capitalize on Halloween by offering a Super Scary BOGO Promo, and a Gratitude Challenge could grow your e-mail list during the month of November. Think of why people purchase your product or service during the holidays (Is it a gift? Is it to prepare for New Year’s resolutions?), and capitalize on it using special holiday promotions.

Celebrate Nostalgia

The holidays tend to bring out the nostalgia in people, so think of ways you can infuse that into your marketing campaign. Maybe you can do this through ads that feature photos from your store’s first year or throwback snapshots of your team in Christmas jammies as kids. By celebrating where you’ve been, it reminds customers that your business isn’t just a faceless company—it’s a group of people who want to celebrate with them.

Embrace Gratitude

The holidays are a time for expressing thanks—and that includes giving thanks to customers. Be creative in ensuring your customers feel appreciated this time of year, such as through Christmas cards, gift baskets, or even a simple holiday greeting. It’s the best time of year to celebrate all of the milestones you’ve reached as a company, as well, so make sure your employees feel the love.

Give Yourself a Break

During the holidays, you’re likely taking time off, as are your team members, which means you may want to plan ahead by batching as much work as possible. Working ahead and scheduling social media posts can help you stay off your phone and be present with friends and family during the holiday season. Also, know which times are a bit slower for your company vs. which are going to be crazy. Things may die down for a product shop the week after Christmas, but that might be when things ramp up for a fitness professional. Look at your numbers from last year, and make a plan for when you can give yourself a breather.