For the CMO

Creating a CMO’s 2019 Branding Plan

It’s a new year—and the pressure’s on to achieve results in your role. Here’s how to make sure your branding is on point.

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In today’s marketing landscape, content management officers (CMOs) need a clear presence and brand. Running your company and generating bottom-line results aren’t enough. You also need to be a source of innovation and inspiration within the larger organization—and have a presence in the broader market, as well. It’s a lot to juggle, but with the new year under way, this is a great time to make the investments needed to thrive.

Refine your positioning: The start of a new year is a smart time to evaluate your positioning. What makes you unique? It could be your industry background, your mix of experience, or your depth of knowledge in a certain area like media buying or growing agricultural start-ups. The more you can refine your unique positioning, the easier it is to confidently step into that role with conviction and impact.

Get your voice out there: Take a look at last year. How successfully were you at getting your voice out there? For example, were you writing, speaking, or active on social media? For the questions where the answer is yes, ask yourself how that went. Did you enjoy it? Were you successful? Be strategic about where you’re getting your message out. Ideally, the best platforms are an intersection of what you enjoy and where you’re meeting your audience.

What’s your big message: What’s the big message you want to get into the market this year? Maybe it’s a new idea or creating the platform to launch a product. Perhaps your message is as simple as “When you think of the best CMO in X space, you think of me.” Putting together a clear goal will help you identify the best places and ways to spend your time.

Make a schedule: CMOs are busy. It just goes with the job title. Decide now what time you’re going to dedicate to your marketing and branding efforts. For example, you might set aside an hour in the morning, 15 minutes a day, or 5 hours on the weekend—or maybe all of the above. There’s no right answer, but the best choice is one that you can consistently commit to throughout the year.

Building your own brand can fall by the wayside with the heavy responsibilities of your job. But you’ll be better positioned to achieve your larger marketing goals—and your long-term career objectives—by giving your brand the attention it deserves.