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5 Tactics to Build Effective Marketing Habits

The key to a successful marketing strategy lies in your day-to-day actions.

Source: narasak_s / iStock / Getty

The world of marketing can feel incredibly overwhelming at times. Every day, there’s a new social media platform, tactic, component, or to-do list item. But a successful marketing strategy looks at the big picture and doesn’t get distracted by flashes in the pan. In order to see your marketing efforts pay off, it’s important to cultivate solid habits that help grow your business.

Here are five tactics to build effective marketing habits that can help keep you focused on what matters.

  1. Implement block scheduling. One way to make the endless to-do lists seem less overwhelming is to create a schedule where you’re doing the same marketing efforts on the same day each week. For instance, take Tuesday mornings as your time to schedule all of your social media posts for the week, take Wednesday mornings as your time to write blog content, take Thursday mornings as your time to pitch publications, etc.
  2. Figure out your most creative time of day. There’s probably a time of day when you feel abuzz with energy and a time of day you feel like laying your head on your desk for a nap. Whether it’s that post-lunch burnout or you just aren’t an early bird, decipher which times of day aren’t best for your creativity so that you can figure out which ones are. Then, save easier tasks for the tougher times of day and ones that require more brainpower for more creative times of day.
  3. Spend an hour a week doing an industry deep-dive. Staying up to date on new marketing technologies and best practices is important, but you can lose hours of your day quicker than you can say “Snapchat.” Choose 1 hour a week where you’ll browse marketing blogs to learn about new tools and tricks, and spend the rest of the week implementing them instead of browsing.
  4. Stay inspired. Follow marketers online who you view as leaders in your industry. By seeing what new tactics they’re implementing in their businesses, you can gain inspiration and stay excited about your job.
  5. Establish clear goals. Marketing can feel tricky to measure. There are tons of analytics available, but which ones are the most important? Make sure to establish clear sets of goals so that you can keep your eye on the prize instead of running after shiny pennies. See which tactics have had the biggest influence on your actual sales numbers, and start there.