Email Marketing

How an E-Book can Work Wonders for Your E-Mail List

Creating a digital book is a great way to break an e-mail list plateau.

Source: MaksimYremenko / iStock / Getty

Are you feeling like you’ve hit a plateau with your e-mail list? It can be quite frustrating to know that it’s an important marketing tactic, add multiple forms to your website, offer free downloadable content upgrades … and see things stall.

If you need to give your e-mail list a bit of a boost before your next big launch, consider publishing an e-book you can offer as an opt-in.

E-Books Have Plenty of Benefits

  • They’re heftier than your average opt-in. This will help you stand out from the crowd—people who see you’re offering a free e-book are much more likely to think it’s worth the price of their e-mail address.
  • They’re completely free to create. Putting your content into a PDF e-book doesn’t require a designer, a freelancer, or any outsourced experts. It just requires time and expertise, both of which you have.
  • They’re easy to distribute. Instead of a physical product, an e-book can be attached in PDF form to most e-mail marketing providers. You don’t need to deal with the hassle of sending out packages; you can simply hook your PDF up to your e-mail list to have it automatically sent to people who join.
  • An e-book demonstrates that you’re an expert or authority in a particular area. People are much more likely to trust you (enough to open their wallets, hopefully) if you can demonstrate the value you’re able to bring to the table. Yes, you can do this in things like blog posts—but because an e-book is longer, it will pack more of a punch when it comes to positioning yourself and your brand.
  • You can use your e-book to bring people to the level they need to be at before they purchase from you. If you’re a business coach, you may need future clients to understand a few basic business terms before you’re able to effectively help them. Or if you’re selling an e-course on how to feed toddlers, you need future clients to comprehend the importance of nutrition for kids. Getting future buyers to the educational level your paid content begins at is a necessary step that’s often forgotten.

Don’t forget—an e-book doesn’t have to be long or professionally designed. Sure, you can splurge on having a designer whip up a nice cover, but it’s not completely necessary. Focus on providing real, tactical value that will make people want to pay you, and you’ll see the size of your e-mail list shoot up in no time.