Email Marketing

3 Mistakes You’re Making in Your E-mails

If your e-mails aren’t converting, these issues may be why.

Source: ra2studio / iStock / Getty

Struggling with e-mail marketing? It’s incredibly frustrating to pour time, energy, and resources into crafting the perfect e-mail…only to see it fall flat. You can spend all the time in the world building up your list, but if no one’s reading your e-mails—or acting on them—the size of your list is nothing but a vanity metric. E-mail marketing can be the best way to get in front of customers if you know how to craft effective sales e-mails. Here are three mistakes you might be making in your e-mails and how to tweak them in order to see less list leavers and more converted customers.

  • You aren’t providing value. Is the goal of your e-mail only to convince someone to buy? Then you aren’t creating a very enticing note. Make sure your e-mail also contains some kind of educational component or gift for the reader, like a discount code. There has to be something in it for them—something more than an invitation to buy your product or service. Think about how you could educate the reader before inviting them to learn more or making a direct sales ask. By providing value for your list readers, they’ll be much more interested in consuming your content and eventually purchasing from you.
  • Your e-mails aren’t “skimmable”. Most people already feel inbox overwhelm. If they open your note and see six chunky paragraphs, they’re going to click away immediately. Your e-mails should be short, easy to read, and formatted clearly so that they don’t seem like a huge investment of time. The average e-mail open time is only 15-20 seconds (source) so make sure you’re making every second count. You don’t need to ramble on for days to get your point across.
  • You aren’t segmenting your list. If you’re only sending out blasts to your entire list, you aren’t using the data you have at your disposal. Look at how people came to your list—was it by entering their e-mail address? Downloading an opt-in? Purchasing from you? Check out which e-mails they’ve opened and which they haven’t. Identify if they’ve attended webinars or not. By using data and understanding their e-mail habits, you’ll be able to pitch them much more effectively and serve them better in the long run. Most e-mail marketing providers are able to give you quite a bit of data, and if you aren’t using it, you’re missing out.