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How to Create Content for ‘Stories’

Whether you like it or not, it’s no longer possible to ignore the “Stories” feature that started on Snapchat, was then adopted by Instagram, and has just premiered on Facebook. Regardless of who invented and popularized this social media feature, it’s only a matter of time before even more networks adapt it for their use.

Since Snapchat essentially invented Stories and have given users access to them for the longest time, it makes the most sense to specifically look at Snapchat Stories by the numbers:

  • >⅓: Snapchat daily users that create Stories content
  • 10 billion: videos are watched per day on Snapchat
  • 24 hours: how long a Story is available before deletion

And, if you want to know more specifically about Snapchat users, Mediakix shares a number of useful statistics.

Though these numbers will look different depending on the platform (especially because Facebook’s Stories are so new), one thing remains constant across each one: Stories are temporary, only lasting 24 hours before content is no longer available. For marketers, this can be quite challenging. On most platforms, an investment in content results in an asset that lives on. But a mind-set shift is necessary to make the most out of Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook Stories.

Here’s how you can create useful and effective content in the age of Stories:

Give a Product Sneak Peak

Acura took advantage of this tactic by sharing exclusive content about a new car prototype with 100 followers. It created a buzz and made those 100 followers feel special to have received that privileged information. So, connect with followers, identify your brand advocates, and then let them in on your latest and greatest products before everyone else!

Give a Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Companies like BaubleBar and Hootsuite use their Snapchat accounts to share the human faces and experiences behind their brands. This tactic can be as simple as an actual tour of the building in which your company resides, or it can be expanded to include employee interviews or introductions.

Interact with Customers

Companies like Victoria’s Secret and Taco Bell® use their Snapchat accounts to interact with customers. They create Stories with content that takes advantage of the screenshot function. In Victoria’s Secret’s case, this might be cute new smartphone backgrounds, and for Taco Bell, it’s usually an invitation to enter a silly drawing contest. In either way, customers feel like they’re getting something more than on other social media accounts.

Tell a Story

After all, isn’t that the point of Stories? Shoot a mini, low-production video where each 10-second (or so) clip adds something new. If your company has an intern in search of something to do, this could be a great project to assign to him or her.

Share a Quick Tip

Mashable uses their Snapchat to share technology tips with their savvy audience. Hootsuite uses their Snapchat to educate followers on social media best practices. Whatever your company is good at, share your knowledge through short Stories. Your followers won’t want to miss the chance to level up their knowledge!

Stories features are still being developed, and best practices are not yet completely known. But don’t be afraid to experiment to determine what works for your brand—it’s an excellent new medium for connecting with fans and customers.