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Every campaign needs a solid strategy behind it. Get tips and advice on everything from the basics (price, product, promotion, place) to market research to best practices in channel management.

Influencer Marketing: The Fastest-Growing Customer Acquisition Method

Influencer marketing is adding a new dimension to the digital marketing toolkit. Tomoson reports that it’s one of today’s fastest-growing customer acquisition methods. The idea behind influencer marketing is simple: social media content producers, bloggers, and other personalities with their own platforms and audiences create branded content and promote it to their followers.

Is It Time to Embrace Retention Marketing?

  In a recent study of senior marketers, developing a customer acquisition strategy ranked on par with maintaining customer satisfaction in terms of top strategic priorities. Yet, studies have repeatedly shown than an existing customer is more valuable to your business than a future one. Bain and Co. suggests that raising retention rates by just […]

Why You Need a Visual Marketing Strategy

With the increase of mobile devices, there has been a shift in the way that we consume content. Smartphones and tablets with smaller touch screens are putting the emphasis on visual content. Cisco estimates that as much as 80 percent of Web traffic may be video by 2019. Our average attention span is just 8.5 […]

What Warby Parker & Yoplait Can Teach You About Cause Marketing

by Claire Swinarski What if there was one way to simultaneously do good in your community, drive business to your company, and bring in some good press? There is: cause marketing. Cause marketing is a campaign that unites a nonprofit organization and a for-profit business under the same goal. It can appear a variety of […]

How to Establish Thought Leadership

by Maddy Osman The buzz phrase in marketing for 2016 is thought leadership. Think about the top three most respected individuals in your market. It’s probably not difficult to pick these people out, and they likely have a large following. Their supposed level of expertise combined with their large, trusting following leads to premium business […]

Why Remarketing Has the Highest ROI

by Maddy Osman If you’ve ever done any online shopping that didn’t initially result in a purchase, you know what it’s like to be remarketed to. Those shoes you put in your cart and then abandoned?   They’re now doomed to follow you around the Internet for the next few days (or month!), and then […]

Are You Ready for the Content Talent Crunch?

by Liz Alton In a recent piece for the Content Marketing Institute, NextView’s vice president of Platform, Jay Acunzo suggests that it’s time to change the way that we hire, nurture, and train our content marketing talent. He notes a content marketing talent crunch that’s evident as he tries to source expert hires for start-ups […]

Why employers should leverage employee use of social media

By Dave Hawley, vice president of Marketing, SocialChorus For good or bad, employees like to talk about their employers. That’s a fact of business that has been true for hundreds of years. And social media is where many people, especially Millennials, are “talking” today.

Who should manage a company’s social media presence?

Who should manage a company’s social media presence? According to a new survey by The Creative Group, it’s a tough question. When advertising and marketing executives were asked which department is best suited to oversee an organization’s social media efforts, the response was divided: 39 percent of respondents said public relations/communications and 35 percent said […]