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Every campaign needs a solid strategy behind it. Get tips and advice on everything from the basics (price, product, promotion, place) to market research to best practices in channel management.

Designing a Trade Show Booth in 2016

Not long ago, trade show booths involved banners, leave-behind collateral, and color-coordinated swag. Trade show booths have since evolved dramatically to incorporate technology, sophisticated branding, and full-scale customer experiences. In many ways, you could say they’ve gone from the Stone Age to the Internet Age.

The Best Digital Marketing Books

In yesterday’s Advisor, we shared some of the best marketing books to add to your reading list. Today we take the subject one step further and recommend several digital marketing books worth reading.

The Best Books for Marketers

Sometimes the easiest way to pick up a new skill or to learn something different is to read a book written by an expert. Even better is when these experts can back up their findings with examples of how they personally helped businesses accomplish their goals.

Does Your Business Need an Emoji Campaign?

Digital marketing evolves at a fast pace, and the number of trends that businesses have to consider for their marketing mix can be staggering. As mobile phones become increasingly common, companies look for creative ways to connect with customers via their mobile devices. The value of an always-on, deeply connected relationship for brands can’t be […]

Why Hire Brand Ambassadors?

Brand ambassadors are people, or a team of people, who help educate prospects about a product or service on behalf of a company. Brand ambassadors can be a powerful tool, especially to a new business that’s trying to grow quickly. Brand ambassadors can benefit businesses new and old in a variety of ways.

Feeling Dull? Easy Steps to Get Creative With Content

Audiences want fresh, interesting, and helpful content to guide their business and buying decisions. Content plays a significant role in building loyalty and brand/consumer relationships in today’s market. Companies of all sizes are feeling the pressure to publish blog posts, social media updates, case studies, testimonials, and detailed white papers.

Influencer Marketing: The Fastest-Growing Customer Acquisition Method

Influencer marketing is adding a new dimension to the digital marketing toolkit. Tomoson reports that it’s one of today’s fastest-growing customer acquisition methods. The idea behind influencer marketing is simple: social media content producers, bloggers, and other personalities with their own platforms and audiences create branded content and promote it to their followers.

Is It Time to Embrace Retention Marketing?

  In a recent study of senior marketers, developing a customer acquisition strategy ranked on par with maintaining customer satisfaction in terms of top strategic priorities. Yet, studies have repeatedly shown than an existing customer is more valuable to your business than a future one. Bain and Co. suggests that raising retention rates by just […]

Why You Need a Visual Marketing Strategy

With the increase of mobile devices, there has been a shift in the way that we consume content. Smartphones and tablets with smaller touch screens are putting the emphasis on visual content. Cisco estimates that as much as 80 percent of Web traffic may be video by 2019. Our average attention span is just 8.5 […]