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Every campaign needs a solid strategy behind it. Get tips and advice on everything from the basics (price, product, promotion, place) to market research to best practices in channel management.

How to Create VR Content for Your Business

In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed how the launch of new virtual reality (VR) technologies has made it much easier for marketers to use VR in their own campaigns. Today we’re taking a closer look at the tools and options available to you for creating the content and videos that power a VR experience.

Local Tactics on Social Media (Part 2)

In yesterday’s Advisor, we shared a number of insights for establishing your business on social channels that relate with your objectives and developing quality content over just quantity. In today’s Advisor, we put content to work with tactics you can use to reach and engage local audiences.

Local Tactics on Social Media

Regardless of social media’s increasing place of importance in marketing strategy, local businesses are not always sure how to effectively use it. Even with a basic understanding, many businesses aren’t sure how to translate big brand ideas and general awareness efforts into strategic local tactics on social. If you’re not effectively targeting a local/relevant audience, […]

Local SEO Tactics—Online Listings and Business Profiles

In yesterday’s Advisor, we focused on the topic of implementing local search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to rank your business for location-specific search. In today’s Advisor, we’ll expand the discussion of local SEO by sharing strategies for optimizing online business profiles as well as how to set up local listings on top search engines.

Local SEO Tactics—Your Website

For business owners, one of the most important strategies to implement for online business success relates to search engine optimization (SEO). The goal is to be at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) for relevant keywords targeting relevant customers.

4 Trends in Enterprise Content Marketing for 2017

In yesterday’s Advisor, we took a closer look at the elements of successful enterprise content marketing. When large brands take on content marketing programs, they are significant efforts driving major investments. Ultimately, the payoff can help these companies reach new audiences, launch products, and shift brand sentiment. The field of enterprise content marketing is shifting […]

The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise-Level Content Marketing

There is a science to successful content marketing, and at an enterprise level, its effectiveness can be challenging. In fact, out of all different sizes of companies, organizations with over 1,000 employees have the lowest success rates within the content marketing industry.

The Best SaaS eCommerce Platforms

In yesterday’s Advisor, we talked about the new possibilities presented by a “shoppable” Instagram. In today’s Advisor, we’ll continue the discussion of ecommerce by highlighting some of the best SaaS ecommerce platforms.

Shopping on Instagram

Perhaps thanks to its recent acquisition by Facebook, Instagram has released a lot of new features in this year alone. Snapchat-like stories (minus the filters), photo zoom, business profiles, and, of course, the upcoming Instagram shopping feature.