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When you’ve put together a crack marketing team, you must constantly keep them pulling in the same direction. We’re here to help with best practices for hiring, evaluating, motivating, training, and compensating top marketing talent.

Shape Up Your Social Media Strategy

Does it seem the supposed marketing miracle of social media is passing your business by? Are you still reporting out “likes” and “shares,” but secretly wondering, “Is that all there is?”

Putting it All Together: The Art of Delivering Bad News

Yesterday, we discussed how to best develop a message that relays bad news. Although never easy, there is a better way to deliver the information than a blunt “No.” There are several essential parts to a well-scripted message bearing bad news as shown below, and they include the buffer, reasons why, bad news statement, alternative […]

Is Your Intern Program Structure Benefiting You?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed how marketing teams can leverage interns for real business results and how to hire the right candidates. Today, let’s take a closer look at structuring a successful internship program and how to define projects that will benefit you and your interns alike.

Here’s How Your Marketing Team Will Benefit from Hiring Interns

Interns: They can be rock stars or nightmares. For busy marketing departments, interns represent the potential of smart, motivated talent and fresh perspectives on existing campaigns. However, they can also represent the possibility of paying workers who don’t make a real contribution and who require constant oversight.

How to Be a Not-So-Bad News Bearer

Is it worse to send or receive bad news? Some say both are the equivalent of eating a 1-month-old tuna sandwich. But it seems the delivery of bad news often has the worst aftertaste. But don’t fret. Although no one wants to hand out negative news, there is an artful and diplomatic way to do […]

The Art of the Firm ‘No’

Yesterday, we discussed the power of positive writing. We addressed how needless negativity is off-putting and doesn’t enhance the brand. That said, there are times when a firm and unambiguous “No” is needed in your written communications.

The Power of Positive Writing

Debbie Downer is a classic SNL character who can put a damper on anything from a bite of chocolate cake to a day at Disneyland. She is such a wet blanket that she doesn’t even realize how awful she makes others feel. Of course, nobody wants to be like Debbie, but, as a marketer, it’s […]

How Dare They Write That? When to Ask that a Negative Review Be Removed

Yesterday we discussed the best way to respond to negative online reviews.  For many business owners, it’s tempting just to immediately demand the comment be removed. However, in almost all cases, the best advice is let it remain. The old refrain “nobody’s perfect” certainly applies when it comes to reacting to online reviews.

The Gentle Art of Handling Online Reviews and Ratings

Since the dawn of social media, people have had the opportunity to comment on just about everything that’s posted. Sometimes the comments are complimentary but often they’re cutting, complaining, and altogether worrisome. If your business is the recipient of negative comments and poor ratings, you can pull out your hair and scream a lot. Better, […]

Don’t Panic: You Can Survive a Potential Media Disaster

Yesterday we discussed how to master the media interview. Today we’ll address what to do when you’ve done all your prep work, armed yourself with key messages, and are ready for what you believe will be a terrific interview. Then, moments after the interview begins, you realize it’s going south and you’re in the midst […]