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Tips from RecruitCon2018: 5 Gives for Every Ask

At our recent RecruitCon 2018 event, Kristin Dudley gave a session titled “Growing Your Online Presence: How to Build Out Your Social Media Recruiting Strategy.” Her major advice: for every ask you put out on social media, you need to have five gives. And the principle works for marketers as well.


What You Can Learn from Goop’s Social Media Strategy

Have you heard of Goop? Goop is a lifestyle brand launched by Gwyneth Paltrow in 2008. Since then, the brand has grown into a publisher, a recipe creator, and even a seller. It has nearly half a million followers on Facebook, nearly 800,000 followers on Instagram, and a strong social presence on a number of […]


6 Ways to Write Social Media Ads that Convert

Launching a high-converting social media campaign can be one of the most fulfilling parts of a digital marketer’s job responsibilities. What can you do to ensure that your social media ads convert as well as possible? With these six tips, your ads will drive conversions.