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Technology is helping make all business functions more efficient, and marketing is no exception. Learn what sort of tech solutions are available to help you optimize your marketing tracking and management.

DIY Drip Campaign? Define Your Goals!

In yesterday’s Advisor, we talked about drip campaigns and when it makes sense to use them for various client-facing e-mail automation situations. Today we’ll continue the discussion of drip campaigns by showing how to set them up properly. Define the Goal Drip campaigns can benefit sales and marketing teams, as well as others who are […]

The Power of Video

In yesterday’s Advisor, we explored the importance of a visual marketing strategy to help your company grow. Today we’re taking a closer look at the power of video within your marketing plan. 78 percent of people watch online videos weekly, and 55 percent watch online videos daily. Video is one of the most effective types […]

How to Set Up Remarketing Campaigns

by Maddy Osman In yesterday’s Advisor, we introduced the concept of remarketing and why it’s so important. In today’s Advisor, we’ll show you the basic steps to set up a remarketing campaign for your business on Facebook and Adroll. Facebook and Adroll are two of the most popular retargeting platforms. The principles of setting up […]

Are You Too Chicken to Use Social Media?

Job descriptions are ever-changing due to the rise in new technology. With that said, there are now jobs specifically for social media and social networking. While a social media community manager job description hasn’t made it into the Job Descriptions Encyclopedia yet, it’s definitely becoming one of the fastest-trending jobs.