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Technology is helping make all business functions more efficient, and marketing is no exception. Learn what sort of tech solutions are available to help you optimize your marketing tracking and management.

5 Ways You Can Use AI to Improve the Customer Experience

Did you know that “60% of retail and e-commerce brands will implement AI” this year? Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the process of computer systems completing tasks we’d typically expect humans to complete: translations, decision-making, and more. Brands are finding more and more ways to use AI to not only cut costs but also enhance […]


IFTTT Applets to Help Automate Marketing

With various social media platforms used by millions of consumers, how can a company most effectively market its services and products through these numerous platforms? Smart marketers know that the secret to winning at social media is being, or at the least, appearing to be constantly present. If you focus only on marketing your products […]


Should You Use a Chatbot?

While there was excitement surrounding chatbots when they were first introduced, the enthusiasm declined when consumer feedback was less than enthusiastic.


Is Your CMO Ready for Marketing Technology?

Marketing technology is changing the way brands interact with customers, raise brand visibility, and increase sales of products and services. However, many organizations focus on the role of marketing technology at a tactical level and don’t look at the strategic value it can offer top marketing positions. Yet AdWeek explained that chief marketing officers (CMOs)—whose […]