Category: Marketing Technology

Technology is helping make all business functions more efficient, and marketing is no exception. Learn what sort of tech solutions are available to help you optimize your marketing tracking and management.

Tech Trends: Location App-Based Advertising

A new technology stream is changing the way local companies connect with their audiences. The proliferation of app programs dedicated to helping individuals navigate through local areas—such as Waze and Google Maps—are creating a new advertising channel to leverage. As these programs increasingly incorporate advertising into their design, local businesses can appear when prospective customers […]

How to Make the Most of Heat Maps

When you are designing a new digital experience, it is important to understand which elements of the page draw the visitors in. Heat map technologies allow marketers to quickly see which elements of a webpage, landing page, or other piece of digital collateral attract the users’ attention. With those data, it is possible to optimize […]

5 Ways B2B Marketers are Using Virtual Reality

Virtual reality first came on the scene with splashy B2C applications. Yet, business-focused marketers have been picking up on the possibilities of virtual reality to help connect with their own audiences. Whether it’s a virtual reality hotel tour aimed at business travelers or a hands-on demonstration of how a product works, there are many applications […]