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The importance of the contact center is growing, making customer service and contact center management crucial to all of your organization’s marketing initiatives. Here are best practices for success.

5 Ways You Can Use AI to Improve the Customer Experience

Did you know that “60% of retail and e-commerce brands will implement AI” this year? Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the process of computer systems completing tasks we’d typically expect humans to complete: translations, decision-making, and more. Brands are finding more and more ways to use AI to not only cut costs but also enhance […]


Receive Bad Customer Feedback? 3 Things You Can Do Right Now

Customer feedback is extremely valuable to businesses, and it’s valuable to other customers, as well. When business owners or salespeople receive feedback from customers, it can help them learn what the business is succeeding at, what could use some work, and problems that maybe no one in the business was even aware of. Sometimes, receiving […]


Books on Customer Service Every Call Center Manager Should Read

There’s being a manager, and then there is being a manager of a call center. Customer service call centers are a completely different beast, and managers need a unique and polished set of skills to successfully manage their employees. It’s important to have a strategy to help your team reach their full potential AND handle […]


3 Strategies for Training Your Customer Service Agents to Listen

One of the most undervalued skills in customer service is the ability to listen. Yet without effective listening skills, it is impossible to really understand the challenges your customers are having or find creative solutions to address them. Proactively focusing on creating a culture of listening—and training your customer service agents how to really listen—can […]


4 Ways to Keep Your Customer Service Team Productive

Your customer service team is one of your business’s most important and most visible departments. Its role in smoothly resolving customer complaints and quickly processing orders can’t be overstated. However, customer service roles can become reactive, only answering queries when they come in and treating the rest of the time as downtime. What steps can […]


How to Manage Customer Service on Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are no longer confined to the world of marketing and advertising, but rather they have emerged as a platform where consumers can solicit and receive customer service. In fact, 90 percent of consumers admit to using social media to communicate with brands, with 34.5 percent preferring to […]