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How to Speed Up Content Marketing

One of the biggest challenges companies face with content marketing is velocity: how to create, edit, and distribute the right content to the right channels in an efficient amount of time. The good news is that by embracing some best practices, it’s easy to speed up the time from ideation to publication. Here are several […]

6 Platforms for Content Distribution

Creating great content is just one piece of the puzzle. Using a paid content distribution strategy can help increase return on investment (ROI), reach additional people in your target audience, and, ultimately, lead to more new business.

5 Tools You Can Use to Document Your Content Strategy

Documenting your content strategy is helpful in many ways. It helps you, your team, and your client (whether it’s your brand or an actual client) be on the same page about who the content is reaching, the purpose of the content, and what content is upcoming.

What to Share on Your Blog vs. E-mail

There’s a fine line between the type of content that should go on your public blog and what’s much better suited for a private send to people that have already opted in to your updates. The following guide will help you understand what types of content are best suited for each medium.