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How to Create Content for ‘Stories’

Whether you like it or not, it’s no longer possible to ignore the “Stories” feature that started on Snapchat, was then adopted by Instagram, and has just premiered on Facebook. Regardless of who invented and popularized this social media feature, it’s only a matter of time before even more networks adapt it for their use.

Is Pagination Really A Good Option for Your Website’s Content?

Splitting a blog post into multiple pages is a practice that’s grown increasingly common of late. While there are some SEO experts that recommend doing so, pagination comes with its own host of problems. User experience, for one—and the fact that if it’s done improperly, it can actually harm your ranking. So the question, then […]

5 Trends in Blogging for 2019

Blogging isn’t new, and brands are still seeing major benefits from posting regular content. Here’s a closer look at the blogging trends taking hold in 2019.