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The company’s brand is what brings it all together. Marketers must know how to build an appealing brand that can also evolve with the ever-changing business world; salespeople must be effective ambassadors and communicators of the brand. We have guidance for putting your organization’s best face forward.

Time to Rethink Your Tagline?

With a new year under way, you may be thinking about new branding opportunities. One area that may be due for a refresh is your tagline.


B2B Companies Can’t Ignore the Importance of Brand

In some executives’ minds, business to business (B2B) branding just doesn’t make sense. Consumers base their purchases on the emotional pull of a brand. But for business transactions, no one cares about any of that … Right? Wrong.


Building a Better Online Newsroom

As a public relations professional, do you dream of having a place where journalists will gather and listen to your latest pitch with rapt attention? You can have something close to that situation by establishing an online newsroom. In fact, it’s estimated that more than half of all journalists visit online newsroom sections of an […]


Epinion: Can a Company Be Arrogant?

I recently had an experience that made me wonder, can a company become arrogant? We’ve all met arrogant people, but can a company be haughty or egotistical?


Harnessing the Principles of Know, Like, and Trust

Have you ever heard that people don’t buy from an individual or brand before they first know, like, and also trust them? It may seem like a simple principle, but it’s one worth looking at in a little more detail.


The Importance of Color in Branding

Color is a powerful tool in branding and design. At the first glimpse of your corporate logo, consumers react emotionally to the color treatment. According to the infographic below via Creative Bloq, it is estimate that brand recognition increases up to 80% with color. When a consumer sees your brand, what do you want them […]