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The company’s brand is what brings it all together. Marketers must know how to build an appealing brand that can also evolve with the ever-changing business world; salespeople must be effective ambassadors and communicators of the brand. We have guidance for putting your organization’s best face forward.

Working with an Agency on a Rebrand

It’s the middle of the year and time to tackle an important but not urgent project: a rebrand. Here’s how to choose the right agency for the job and make the project a success.

It’s Time to Hire a UX Designer: How It’ll Help Your Brand

We hire customer service managers, account managers, and researchers, and we run A/B tests, but why hasn’t our brand hired a user experience (UX) designer yet? We invest so much to learn more about the customer experience, so it would make sense to invest in hiring a UX designer to create the experiences our customers […]