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Marketers have many angles to analyze and a great deal to keep track of, and analytics technology can make things easier. See the latest in strategy and software solutions for statistics, analytics, and automation.

3 Social Media Marketing Attribution Models

In today’s age of digital marketing, attribution is a touchy subject. In general, attribution refers to the process of determining what marketing channel brought a customer into your orbit and really helps define what’s driving sales. By attributing sales correctly, it’s possible to achieve a better sense of how to allocate your capital and which […]

4 Ways to Drive Conversions with Urgency

Conversion optimization is a critical area of analytics for digital marketers. Understanding whether your content and efforts are driving conversions is essential to understanding if what you’re doing is effective. Optimization involves the process of changing small, targeted variables—and then working to understand if those changes are having the desired impact. One way to increase […]

3 Influencer Marketing Analytics to Watch

The world of influencer marketing has exploded in popularity over the past few years. With a return on investment (ROI) that reported was more than 11 times other digital marketing tactics, it’s easy to understand its popularity. However, as brands have increased their spending, expanded their efforts, and explored some more divergent territory, more […]

3 Steps to Effective Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising can be a great tool to reach new audiences. By investing a little extra time in your ad strategy, you can kick your ads up a notch for even greater impact.

Return Analytics: The Key to Long-Term Customer Satisfaction

New research from Narvar suggests that 95% of online shoppers surveyed felt that a positive return experience built loyalty. As a critical part of the customer experience, using analytics to monitor the success of your post-purchase experience lets companies stay competitive in today’s retail and commerce environment. Here are four tips for building the best […]

4 Analytics Dashboards to Measure Marketing Activities

Marketing lies at the intersection of art and science. Even the most powerful marketing campaigns have little value if you can’t measure their impact. Data are the driving scientific force of marketing, and as digital marketing becomes increasingly robust, so do the data that measure and drive it.