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Marketers have many angles to analyze and a great deal to keep track of, and analytics technology can make things easier. See the latest in strategy and software solutions for statistics, analytics, and automation.

Helping Marketing Analytics Directors Thrive

Midsize and enterprise companies are increasingly hiring marketing analytics directors. Yet, for many companies, it’s not clear what directors need in these positions to succeed and thrive. What does a marketing analytics director really do, and how can companies set them up for maximum productivity and impact? Here’s a closer look at three tips to […]

Why Visualization Is Critical to Marketing Analytics

I recently had a conversation with the head of marketing analytics for one of the world’s top consulting firms. The most in-demand skill for his analytics team, and the hardest to find, wasn’t the ability to work analytics software—or even to understand the complex numbers behind it. What he struggled with was the ability of […]

4 Tips on Smart Marketing from Audible

Audiobooks are now right up there with e-books and print as a top way to consume new content. One source suggests that the industry continues to grow by about 20% per year. Few brands offer the breadth and scale of audiobooks as Audible. Yet, it’s doing more than offering a highly sought-after product; it has […]

Four Steps You Can Take Today to Improve SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a vital part of making sure clients can find your website and learn about the work you do. But how can you implement SEO best practices to make sure they can locate you online?

Which Analytics Can Luxury Brands Use to Track Their Audiences?

Luxury brands have different data strategy needs than everyday consumer brands. Luxury purchases, from expensive watches to prestige fashion and high-end cars, fall outside the day-to-day “needs” of consumers and into the “wants.” As a result, the purchasing process, desired customer experience, and even ability to buy look completely different. Here’s a closer look at […]