Harnessing the Principles of Know, Like, and Trust

Have you ever heard that people don’t buy from an individual or brand before they first know, like, and also trust them? It may seem like a simple principle, but it’s one worth looking at in a little more detail.

Here’s what you need to know about the principles of know, like, and trust and how you can use them to sell more products and services.


Becoming known is the first step in successful sales, and it is understandably harder for new businesses than established brands with deep pockets. It’s possible to become “known” after one impression, but often it takes many in our often-distracted society. So, how does a company become known? A few ideas are:

  • Use influencers in your content and as part of your content distribution strategy. This will help you reach a large niche audience in a timely manner.
  • Understand your target customer, and create content that targets them and makes them want to share it with more people in the same audience.
  • Advertise on the mediums where you know you’ll find your customers. This varies by industry—but may be radio, TV, PPC ads, ads on social media, etc.


Once people know you, that doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy yet. You should expect that it will take multiple impressions to secure the first sale. But more importantly, people have to feel a connection with a brand. They have to like your company. So, how do you get people to like your company? A few ideas are:

  • Be true to your brand values and authentic in everything you do. If you’re trying to project an image that isn’t really “you,” people will pick up on it and be turned off.
  • Use employees’ faces in marketing materials. People respond well to a brand that shares the humanity behind it. Behind the scenes videos and insights also help build up likeability.
  • Give before you take. Share useful information and awesome content before expecting to make a sale. Build the best resources you can for your customers.


The most important factor in actually securing the sale is trust. Perhaps people can know your brand and even like it, but if you do anything to make them doubt your trust, the rest is ultimately for nothing. So, how do you build trust? A few ideas are:

  • Incorporate testimonials into client communications and marketing materials—don’t just store them on your testimonials page!
  • Be consistent. Create a solid brand strategy that doesn’t change depending on the medium or promotion. A consistent brand is a trustworthy brand.
  • Offer great customer service. Apologize if you do something wrong, offer guarantees on your products, and surprise and delight people whenever possible.

Of course, this list is not definitive and getting customers to know, like, and trust your company is more of an art than a science. Start with these suggestions to build a branding strategy that converts into actual sales!