How to Use Google Keyword Planner

In yesterday’s Advisor, we shared a number of relevant tools to help conduct keyword research. In today’s Advisor, we’ll expand specifically on one well-known tool that digital marketers have in their back pocket—Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword Research Tools

Many marketers realize how important keyword research is for effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, while others think they already know their primary keywords and think no further effort is required. But concentrating on long-tail keywords (that can only be uncovered through research) is the real key to successful SEO, even though these will end […]

Four More Closing Techniques that Work

In yesterday’s Advisor, we started the conversation of sales closing techniques that work to get the deal. In today’s Advisor, we dig deeper into the topic to uncover 4 more winning sales closing techniques.

Closing Techniques that Work

Arguably, the most important part of sales is closing the deal. Perhaps because it’s so important, it’s also one of the hardest parts of the sales process. You can’t just memorize lines to guarantee a close. Even if you work hard to build a relationship with prospects, if you don’t have enough confidence in your […]

Should You Take on Controversial Topics in Your Marketing?

Could controversy be your ticket to capturing your audience’s attention? Today’s brands have a voice in the market. Whether it’s on social media, publishing blog posts or contributing articles to mainstream business publications, your team is communicating in real-time with customers on an ongoing basis.

How to Get Started with Marketing Bots

In yesterday’s Advisor, we explored how automated chatbots are quickly taking over different aspects of the sales and marketing process—from collecting customer data to helping resolve key problems. However, for a company that’s starting from the ground up, it can be challenging to find ways to get started and integrate bots into your work flow […]

Strategies for Using Bots in Your Marketing

Bots are quickly becoming a favored tool for marketers because they deliver an intimate, one-on-one sales experience—at scale. Simply put: bots are the new apps, and hundreds of companies are using them to do anything from answer routine customer questions to providing a concierge-like shopping experience.

5 Ways to Improve Your Inbound Lead Processing

If your sales team is handling inbound leads and outbound leads in the same sales funnel, you’re likely missing key sales. The strategies that you use to direct sales leads when they come into your organization can determine how quickly you can win a deal—and if, in many cases, whether you’re able to close a […]