Taking Stock of Your Stock Photos

Yesterday we explored alternatives to standard stock photos, which can sometimes hurt rather than help a brand. But what if you’re out of time or resources and can’t create new imagery for your marketing? Here are a few suggestions for selecting and using stock photos:

Tired of Purchased Images? Consider a Stock Exchange

Have you ever passed by a billboard, landed on a website, or picked up a brochure and thought, “That picture looks familiar”? It’s every marketer’s worst nightmare when the stock photography they’ve selected is the same used by another brand.  The truth is, we all know the importance of original content, but many marketers don’t […]

Should a New Marketing or Sales Leader Clean House?

It’s happened to everyone: A new marketing director or VP of sales is hired, and everyone on the team holds their breath. What does the new person in power plan to do? Are they excited to improve the performance of the existing team and maximize resources—or are they planning to clean house and build their […]

The ‘Give Not Get’ Philosophy

In the past, “good marketing” (and sales) meant maintaining some level of mystery in terms of your industry, and even your products/services. But today, content marketing aims to answer as many questions as possible before the customer reaches out. Because of this level of transparency, it becomes possible to gain a lot of trust and […]

The Top 5 E-mail Marketing Management Tools

In part 1, we shared some of our favorite image creation tools. In today’s Advisor, we’ll explore some of the best tools for another important side of digital marketing—e-mail marketing management.

Quick Tips to Stand Out this Holiday Season

Marketing during the holidays is tricky for most retailers. After all, this is the Super Bowl of opportunity. Yesterday, we talked about the importance of mobile marketing for the holidays. But what if you don’t have time or resources to go all out?  Here’s how to still stand out during the holidays.

Mobilize Your Holiday Marketing

Today’s holiday marketing trends probably aren’t the stuff of Christmas movies or songs. Whereas tiny tots previously pressed noses against department store windows and gazed at model trains, modern kids affix their eyeballs to electronic tablets and build wishlist data sets.

How to Set up Sales Appointments at a Conference

In yesterday’s Advisor, we reviewed essential items salespeople must remember to bring to conferences. Today we’ll discuss how to network at a conference to set up sales appointments.

Essential Items to Bring to a Conference

One of the best ways to learn about an industry you’re a part of while expanding your network with relevant parties is to attend conferences. Besides the professional appeal, many workers enjoy the break from routine and change of scenery that comes from traveling.