Instagram Can Be an Effective Marketing Tool if You Get the Picture

Originally, Instagram was considered a place to upload photos, play around with the filters, and post for friends to “like” with tiny hearts. But its popularity grew, and along came Facebook, which acquired the platform. Now, Instagram has marketers’ attention, although many still aren’t sure how to use it for a successful campaign tool.

3 Analytics Trends Marketers Should Watch

In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed how advancements in technology are allowing marketers to better tune in to customer emotions. However, the world of analytics is exploding and changing the way we gather information, understand the business world, and shape our strategic actions.

AI & Data: How Measuring Emotional Data Leads to Better Marketing

Data on what drives your customers are fueling every element of today’s marketing strategies. From understanding their motivation to buying products to mapping the thought process driving brand selection, it’s easier to understand more about what your customers do and what drives those actions than ever before. However, at the end of the day, what […]

Creating a Sales Culture of Sharing Best Practices

In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed how scrum meetings could be used to help your team accomplish more on a day-to-day basis. Another practice many sales directors find useful for motivating their teams is getting sales reps to share best practices.

How to Structure a Daily Sales Scrum

“Scrum” is a term from the software development world, where teams come together in an all-hands meeting to review priorities and how much they’ve accomplished. It’s about setting the team’s focus on the day and goals ahead, providing a road map for getting them done, and quickly and efficiently addressing roadblocks.

The Sophistication of Ad Platforms (Pt. 2)

In yesterday’s Advisor, we started the discussion about the sophistication of various social advertisement platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn. In today’s Advisor, we’ll continue the discussion by taking a look at Instagram and Twitter.

The Sophistication of Ad Platforms

Social media has completely changed the digital marketing landscape. Its addition to the marketing mix has created new ways to reach your target audiences. But it can be daunting to choose which social media ad platform to use, since each channel provides different value for different audiences.