Business Blogs Are Coming Back in Style for Good Reason

Not that long ago, everyone had to have a blog. CEOs, teens, and moms had blogs. Yes, there was even a television show about a dog with one. Since then, blogs have become less fashionable. However, they are still essential for today’s business marketer. Let’s look at what has changed in blogging and how to […]

Managing for Results

By John Boyens I believe that most managers put in the necessary effort to be successful. Unfortunately, the disparity between effort and positive results is quite common. So what gets in the way?

Writing a Corporate Story? Some Ideas to Get Started

Yesterday we discussed the importance of storytelling for your business. To get you started, we outlined the structure for a classic hero’s journey—an inspiring tale of overcoming challenges. Our U.S. culture loves hero’s journey tales (Star Wars and Cinderella for example), so it makes sense to use the format for your business’s storytelling as well.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling to Enterprise Clients

Enterprise clients are a unique type of prospect when it comes to the buying process, and they require a tailored sales approach. According to the United States Census Bureau, there are over 6 million businesses in the United States and only 0.32% qualify as enterprise-sized businesses. That’s a very small niche, yet a very large […]

Once Upon a Corporate Tale

When we’re young, stories are essential to our lives. Parents and teachers use them to impress upon us important concepts. That hard-working little pig who labored to build a brick house was a smart guy, wasn’t he?

Shape Up Your Social Media Strategy

Does it seem the supposed marketing miracle of social media is passing your business by? Are you still reporting out “likes” and “shares,” but secretly wondering, “Is that all there is?”

What Marketers Need to Know About the “Single Customer View”

Omni-channel marketing and retail is quickly becoming the norm; customers are interacting with companies through more touch points than ever before. Yet, diversified customer interactions are making it harder to reliably track who your customers are, what they want, and determine how that impacts marketing and sales efforts.

Coaching for Optimal Performance

By John Boyens If you employ a business model that requires utilizing outside sales reps (e.g., selling blinds, closets, lawn care, janitorial service, signs/banners), you must find sales managers that have the skill to source, hire, train, motivate, and retain productive outside sales reps. One might argue that this skill is “mission critical” to the […]

Online Tools Salespeople Should Use

In part one of this article, we shared a list of Gmail and Google Chrome browser extensions that make salespeople’s lives easier and more productive. In today’s Advisor, we’ll expand the conversation to encompass additional online tools that help salespeople do their jobs better.