How to Speed Up Content Marketing

One of the biggest challenges companies face with content marketing is velocity: how to create, edit, and distribute the right content to the right channels in an efficient amount of time. The good news is that by embracing some best practices, it’s easy to speed up the time from ideation to publication. Here are several […]

Working with an Agency on a Rebrand

It’s the middle of the year and time to tackle an important but not urgent project: a rebrand. Here’s how to choose the right agency for the job and make the project a success.

Managing Summer Vacations for Your Customer Service Team

Summer’s here—and with it, BBQs, beach days, and vacation requests. While every manager wants his or her team to enjoy well-earned time off, it’s important to balance the need for recharging their batteries with ensuring adequate coverage. For customer service departments, this is especially a key challenge. These tips will help you get through vacation […]

What Marketers Can Learn from the Royal Wedding

Recently, consumers in both the United States and United Kingdom have been abuzz about the wedding of England’s Prince Harry to actress and humanitarian Meghan Markle. The pair was married in late May, and the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex are now off doing charity work in the name of England’s royal family. The […]

4 Tips on Smart Marketing from Audible

Audiobooks are now right up there with e-books and print as a top way to consume new content. One source suggests that the industry continues to grow by about 20% per year. Few brands offer the breadth and scale of audiobooks as Audible. Yet, it’s doing more than offering a highly sought-after product; it has […]

4 Smart Marketing Strategies to Target an Account

Account-based marketing and sales is all the rage, empowering marketers to go after individual accounts they find interesting. With account-based marketing, you focus on customizing and producing content—and experiences—that help you win the attention of decision-makers and the most desirable customers.