How to Ace the Instagram Algorithm

Having a hard time getting your content seen? Here’s all you need to know about Instagram’s tricky algorithm.

Social media platforms excel at showing you what you want to see. That’s how they get you to spend longer time on their app or website. So platforms like Instagram don’t show you every single thing someone you follow posts—instead, they filter through what they think you’ll most enjoy seeing. As pleasurable as this makes the Instagram experience for a viewer, it makes it quite tricky for businesses to get their content in front of people.

But the Instagram algorithm doesn’t have to be feared. With a mind-set adjustment and a few best practices in place, you can ace the algorithm and get your content seen.

The first thing you need to know is that the quality of your content matters far more than the quantity. Don’t post something without any thought just to post something. The more likes and comments your piece gets—in other words, how engaged your followers are with your content—the higher it will be ranked. That means your content needs to be unique and intriguing enough that it gets a lot of interaction. Think witty comments, silly filters, or interesting photographs.

Next, go ahead and encourage interaction by asking followers to “double tap” if they agree with your caption or tag friends who might find the content interesting. It’s a low-effort way to get your followers to interact with your comment and brand and can achieve huge results.

Also, consider not focusing as much on your social media. Yes, social media is incredibly important. Yes, Instagram can attract new eyes to your brand. But it doesn’t actually make you money the way growing an e-mail list or getting eyes to your sales page can. So, try to direct eyes off your Instagram page and onto your website.

When it comes to giving a large boost to your social media, try and think outside the box. Engage with Instagram influencers—see if you can send them a product or service in exchange for a shout out on their page. It may not be the best long-term strategy, but it can get a lot of people to your page in a short amount of time. If you can capitalize on that temporary audience, you can convert the influencer’s followers into followers of your brand.

Don’t let the Instagram algorithm turn you off social media or leave you aggravated at the complications within it. Just keep some perspective and continue creating high-quality content—it’ll pay off in the long run.