7 Ways to Accurately Measure How Well Your Content’s Working

Are you spending time cranking out content but are unsure if it’s doing its job? It’s time to measure its effectiveness.

When it comes to your content, tracking its analytics is essential. How else will you know if your content is attracting new clients or repelling potential customers? Whether its blog posts, Instagram photos, or free guides, your content should be reaching through the Internet and finding the people most likely to buy from you. Sure, your marketing team can make educated guesses, but until you have the stone-cold data in your hands, you won’t know if your content is doing its job effectively. Here are seven simple ways to accurately measure just how well your content is working to ensure your time and energy are being spent creating something worthwhile.

  1. Social media followers: How many people have signed up to follow you? This is an easy way to tell if your social media strategy is working. You should be seeing consistent growth in your number of followers.
  2. Blog traffic: Effective blog posts mean high traffic. If your content is proving actually valuable for the right people, they’ll return again and again. Track your blog and website traffic to make sure you’re posting things of interest.
  3. Leads: Is your content converting readers into inquirers? Whether it’s a consultation request or a free trial download, your content should be offering a call to action that allows you to secure a lead. How many people are reading your content—and then acting on it?
  4. Time spent: Google Analytics can tell you how long browsers are dawdling on your blogposts. If they’re clicking over only to immediately click away, that means your content isn’t engaging them enough.
  5. E-mail list: How many people are signing up to get your content delivered directly to their inbox? If your content is strong enough, your current readers will forward it along to others who may enjoy it and share your posts on their own social media. This should hopefully result in a booming, healthy e-mail list.
  6. Social media shares: How often is your content being shared across various social media platforms? For instance, are your blogposts being re-pinned or your educational videos being Facebooked? Make your content so enticing that people want others to see it as well.
  7. Sales: Above all else, effective content should result in more sales. If you feel your sales numbers dragging, it may be time to take a look at your content strategy and make some adjustments. All of the social media followers in the world don’t mean anything if you aren’t able to turn a profit.