4 Analytics Goals for the New Year

As we turn into 2018, there’s no better time to step up your numbers game.

Are you drumming up some new goals for your company this year? Don’t forget to include your analytics.

It isn’t always intuitive to include analytics in your goals. After all, analytics tend to be about looking backwards. But once you know your numbers, it’s much easier to craft a plan for moving forward. Also, giving your goals some sort of numerical weight makes them much easier to track. By paying better attention to your analytics this year, you’ll see the results in your company’s bottom line. Here are a few goals that can help your business achieve analytical success as we begin 2018.

  • Grow your e-mail list. The importance of growing an e-mail list can’t be understated. It remains the best way to get in touch with your customers. Produce one amazing opt-in per quarter and create a small discount code—like 5% off or free shipping—that incentivizes new sign-ups. Try to at least double your list this year, and then provide them with quality content marketing. You’ll see the payoff in a huge way when it comes time to launch a new product or service.
  • Increase conversions. Getting a ton of eyes on your website? Great! But converting those clicks into sales? Even better. It can be easy to get caught up on numbers like Google rankings and page views without remembering that the most important analytic is conversions. What good are page views if those viewing your page aren’t turning into paying customers? Utilize a program like Optimizely and run some A/B testing on your website. Try and improve your copy and graphics until your website is your number one salesperson.
  • Monitor your Return on Investment (ROI). Are you spending a lot of money on marketing and not sure what’s paying off with results? Track your marketing budget closely this year. Look at things like Facebook ads, podcast sponsorships, or radio spots to see if they’re really paying off the way you hoped they would when you started them. Ask each customer where they heard of your brand and what brought them to you for extra word-of-mouth ROI tracking.
  • Attract new leads. Even if your business is flourishing today, it’s important to make sure it’s stable for the future. Come up with a goal of how many new leads you’d like to attract each quarter, whether it’s through referrals, in-person events like conferences or trade shows, or online inquiries.