In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business world, there’s one constant—marketing is where the rubber meets the road. It’s the vital cornerstone of every business, and it’s never an easy job.

Marketing Daily Advisor understands that today’s marketing professionals are facing multiple challenges from many directions. New tech capabilities have changed the face of the field forever. From forecasting to CRM to social media to hurdles, there’s something new to learn every day.

With that in mind, we strive every day to bring you the best in content that addresses sales and marketing professionals’ big picture needs—not simply the nitty gritty of marketing-related news and developments, but how it can help you align with your business’s goals.

Your Challenges Explained

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  • Marketing Leadership: What skills do current (or aspiring) marketing managers and directors require for success? What other aspects of business are good to know beyond your own department, such as finance, legal compliance, or management style?
  • Trends: What’s new and what’s working?
  • Strategy: How do you create a strong brand and link your marketing efforts to the company’s strategy?
  • Tech: What software and other aids are available, and how can they help you do your job more effectively? How can you make your websites and other tech outreach more attractive?
  • Social Media: It’s taking over everything, but how do you make sure it’s really working in your favor? What are the best practices for all your online efforts?
  • And more!

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