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“Pinnable” Content on Twitter and Facebook

Both Facebook and Twitter operate with newsfeed functionality. This means that users can scroll through the posts of family, friends, and official pages they’ve chosen to follow in a seemingly endless fashion. As time has gone by, both social networks have moved from chronological reading order to an algorithm-based feed of posts specific to the […]


How to Use Twitter for Sales

Although most people still fail to accept it, Twitter is one of the best resources for creating leads over social media. As of the end of 2017 there are over 330 million active users on Twitter. Many marketers and salespeople have already turned to Twitter to advertise their company and convert tweets into traffic, prospects, […]


Do’s and Don’ts of Automation

People are always looking for shortcuts, and it’s hard to blame them. As the time available in a day shrinks relative to the activities that need to be completed, it can be tempting to find ways to automate the activities that don’t necessarily require your direct input.