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Every campaign needs a solid strategy behind it. Get tips and advice on everything from the basics (price, product, promotion, place) to market research to best practices in channel management.

How to Set Up a Loyalty Program

In part one of this article, we talked about loyalty programs and why your business needs one. In today’s Advisor, we’ll share actionable strategies for setting one up for your business.


Bite-Sized Marketing Tips from Experts

In part 1 of this article, we shared high-level marketing tips from industry experts, with a special focus on content marketing. In today’s Advisor, we’re sharing more bite-sized marketing tips from today’s top marketers to help you come up with new ideas to improve your next campaign.


5 Visual Tools for Digital Marketing

The growth of social media evolved hand in hand with the popularity of online visuals to entice online users to take action on certain offers. More visual networks, like Instagram and Pinterest, are growing at a more rapid rate than Facebook or Twitter.


Why Participate in Twitter Chats?

Social media is the perfect medium to increase your company’s online presence, given the number of daily active users. One social media platform known for a large number of active users is Twitter. Twitter chat events are a popular way for users to interact and are now used as marketing tools by many.


Words of Wisdom from Marketing Experts

Today, we’ll be sharing important marketing lessons from experts who have achieved amazing results for the companies they represent. Let’s focus on high-level advice about content marketing.