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5 Visual Tools for Digital Marketing

The growth of social media evolved hand in hand with the popularity of online visuals to entice online users to take action on certain offers. More visual networks, like Instagram and Pinterest, are growing at a more rapid rate than Facebook or Twitter.


Why Participate in Twitter Chats?

Social media is the perfect medium to increase your company’s online presence, given the number of daily active users. One social media platform known for a large number of active users is Twitter. Twitter chat events are a popular way for users to interact and are now used as marketing tools by many.


The Latest Trends in Product Descriptions

With all the innovation and evolution that’s constantly happening in the marketing field, there are some areas that seem like they should stay the same—like product descriptions. However, this area has been getting significant attention in recent weeks from both search marketers and conversion optimization specialists. If it’s been months—or worse, even years—since you’ve looked […]


5 Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2017

Each September, marketers, writers, and strategists from around the world gather to share the latest ideas in the content marketing industry. This year’s Content Marketing World 2017 Conference and Expo featured sessions on a wide variety of topics, from content strategy to industry labs. Here’s an inside look at what I took away from 3 […]


10 Ways to Get a Jump on Holiday Marketing

The holiday season is closer than it seems, and it’s vital for businesses to have a marketing plan in place. If you want to reach customers during that critical period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s but haven’t taken action, it’s not too late. Here are ten ideas any business can use to generate momentum during […]


5 Last Minute Halloween Marketing Trends

The Halloween marketing season is kicking off earlier and earlier each year with seasonal displays hitting supermarkets with spooky costumes and candy long before Labor Day. Yet even if you didn’t get a jump on your marketing, there are many ways you can capitalize on the Halloween spirit and increase your sales. Here are five […]