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When you’ve put together a crack marketing team, you must constantly keep them pulling in the same direction. We’re here to help with best practices for hiring, evaluating, motivating, training, and compensating top marketing talent.

Marking the Spot with the Oft-Ignored Generation X

Jan Brady’s cries of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” were the call of an entire generation. Jan, the middle child of the Brady Bunch, felt ignored, sandwiched between her popular older sister Marcia and cute younger sibling Cindy. Similarly, Generation Xers often feel they are forgotten, lost between colorful Baby Boomers and everyone’s favorite marketing target, the […]


Recruiting Strategies for Data Talent

Today’s marketing departments are increasingly relying on data to get things done, from effectively targeting the right customers in a campaign to improving data-driven decision making. Yet, one of the biggest challenges marketing managers—and managers across business units—cite is finding data talent.


Should You Add Instagram to Your Marketing Toolkit?

Yesterday we examined how to launch effective Instagram marketing campaigns. But the question still remains if it’s worth it, given that Facebook is the obvious social media giant. Also, Snapchat and Instagram seem to be very close in nature.  Here are some factors that may help you decide:


Instagram Can Be an Effective Marketing Tool if You Get the Picture

Originally, Instagram was considered a place to upload photos, play around with the filters, and post for friends to “like” with tiny hearts. But its popularity grew, and along came Facebook, which acquired the platform. Now, Instagram has marketers’ attention, although many still aren’t sure how to use it for a successful campaign tool.


Why You Need Social Media Influencers on Your Side

Some of today’s biggest celebrities are probably people you don’t know. They’re social media influencers who have their own appeal to specific audiences. And for those who hang onto their every post, they can be as big as Beyoncé (or almost as big because, after all, it’s Beyoncé).


Keeping Marketing Teams Motivated Under Heavy Workloads

You’re facing a campaign deadline, publishing a new website, or launching a new product. In yesterday’s Advisor, we discussed preventing burnout on your marketing team in a 24/7 world. In today’s piece, we’re taking a deeper dive into keeping teams motivated under tight deadlines and production schedules.