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Marketers have many angles to analyze and a great deal to keep track of, and analytics technology can make things easier. See the latest in strategy and software solutions for statistics, analytics, and automation.

3 Analytics Views Every CMO Should Ask For

Chief Marketing Officers and marketing directors are adrift in a sea of data. What sets of analytics matter most in your moment-by-moment decision-making capabilities? With the right information, it’s possible to look in on campaign performance and invest in the channels that matter most to your business. Here are three analytics views or reports CMOs […]


Targeting Technology is Becoming More Sophisticated: What Marketers Need to Know

Targeting technology is becoming more sophisticated across platforms. Major social media providers and search engines are implementing a wider range of targeting options that are letting marketers more efficiently target their campaigns to specific customer audiences. Here’s what marketers need to know about the different kinds of targeting available in marketing campaigns.


4 Ways Analytics Can Help Shape Product Marketing

Product marketing is an engine for growth at many organizations, and analytics can help you develop products that perform better in the market. The more information product designers have access to, the better they’re able to do their jobs. With an explosion of in-house analytics being collected at many companies, an organization’s data strategy is […]


Conducting a Q4 Analytics Audit

Q4 has arrived. For many businesses, this means frantically working to increase sales and drive up revenues. In terms of your marketing analytics, it’s the time to sit back, assess what you’ve done, and determine whether your strategy is on point for the year ahead. How can you conduct a year-end analytics audit?