How to Use Twitter for Sales

Although most people still fail to accept it, Twitter is one of the best resources for creating leads over social media. As of the end of 2017 there are over 330 million active users on Twitter. Many marketers and salespeople have already turned to Twitter to advertise their company and convert tweets into traffic, prospects, […]


B2B Companies Can’t Ignore the Importance of Brand

In some executives’ minds, business to business (B2B) branding just doesn’t make sense. Consumers base their purchases on the emotional pull of a brand. But for business transactions, no one cares about any of that … Right? Wrong.


Take Time to Recognize Accomplishments In 2017

I’ve said before on these pages that I don’t do a great job of celebrating our company’s successes. It seems that as we achieve a goal, I immediately look to the next opportunity or focus on a problem area that needs attention when I should be recognizing and congratulating everyone involved in our success.